“Leadership is action, not position. Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determinations.” – Omolara Adesanya.


There must appear a spiritual and moral leadership rising above economic and political considerations. Governments in both their domestic and foreign policies appeal for popular support by promises of material gain. We cannot make peace by mere appeal to greed. We must give the people something to live for as well as something to live on.

The words of John Dodge best mirror my leadership inclination. Listen to him: “A leader must make decisions quickly; be independent; act and stand firm; be a fighter; speak openly, plainly, frankly; cooperate and coordinate; use the best of any alliances or allies; walk with active faith towards the unknown; surround himself with intelligent people; know, love and represent the best interest of his followers; be loyal, true, frank and faithful; reward loyalty; have a high, intelligent, and worthy purpose and ideal. Do justice, love mercy, fear no man but fear only God.”

Lagos State, the cosmopolitan mega city, and economic hub of the Nigerian state with it’s ever growing population of over 8 million people is peaking at the point where it requires a more savvy, futuristic and selfless approach of governance to take it to the next level of greater economic growth and progress that will pitch it in sync with acceptable global trends, standard and expectations. A lot, no doubt, has been achieved by past governments, yet a lot more needs to be done for greater achievement.

It is with this in mind that I have accepted my nomination to run in 2019 as the next Lagos State governor on the Providence People’s Congress platform, and which have also informed the articulation of the agenda of my manifesto.

This manifesto is a public declaration of my intentions, motives and core values, which I hope is an inspiring and compelling enough call to action to help you make a conscious choice. I consider it as a blueprint that points the direction towards building a spectacular and lasting legacy for the bright future of Lagos State. I hope you consider it as such too.


He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” – Arabian Proverb.

Health is wealth. A sound body is the product of a sound mind. A healthy citizenry is a happy, active and productive people. We will strive to improve the existing general health infrastructure. We will restore the pride of place for medical and health practitioners with the resolve to curb the incessant needless strikes resulting often in the loss of lives. We will also encourage the rich and affluent in the society to pool their resources in a health policy via a State Health Foundation and solicit medical grants from reputable international health institutions to assist the poor, elderly, children and pregnant mothers to be able to access prompt and free general medical attention.


Security is the priceless product of freedom. Only in freedom can men produce those material resources which can secure them from want at home, and against aggression from abroad.” – B. E. Hutchison.

A secured environment encourages investment and boosts economic development. Our various security apparatus at all levels will be re-trained, equipped, and adequately remunerated to fiercely combat and subdue crime in the State. Our borders and porous entry points will be well manned against incursion and unwelcome migration. A task force will be specially equipped to police our environment to curb and bring to book the menace of touts, thugs, gangs, robbers, cultists, kidnappers, etc and make our streets safe from crime day and night. We will ensure that all unsafe dark spots that hitherto encourage crime are well lit at night with the introduction of effective and well monitored 24-hour CCTV network.


National progress is the sum of individual industry, energy, and uprightness, as of national decay is of individual idleness, selfishness and vice.” – Samuel Smiles.

As the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The almost 2 million embarrassing unemployment index in the State will be tackled head-on with the massive provision of low and medium scale job opportunities for artisans and graduates. We will employ strategies to make the State investment-friendly to encourage local/offshore and government/private sector collaboration to foster better economic development resulting in greater employment opportunities.


I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.” – Oliver Holmes.

We will boost internally generated revenue by stopping identified bleeding points by improving the collection mechanism through e-payments. We will introduce trade-free zones Along with investment-friendly policies across the State’s five divisions of Ikeja, Epe, Lagos, Badagry and Ikorodu to attract seamless inflow of local and international investment opportunities befitting a megacity status, to complement and further boost the growing economy of the State.


Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” – Henry Brougham.

Knowledge is power, and a literate society is an informed society. Education liberates an individual from the poverty of the mind. We all clamor and are in agreement that we are overdue for a societal reorientation program. Education provides the bedrock for this plan. An illiterate amongst the literate is an accident waiting to happen; which is why we believe that free qualitative primary education must be mandatory from ages 2 – 10 as foundation for early knowledge. 

The least in the direction of education that a State can do is to empower every citizen to acquire the knowledge of reading and writing in preparation for a future that requires it, or more appropriately, depends upon that need.


“Man cannot degrade woman without himself falling into degradation; he cannot elevate her without at the same time elevating himself.” – Alexander Walker.

My administration will have a well articulated policy for women empowerment at different levels. Naturally, being a woman, I have soft spot for the womenfolk and I feel the pain as I see them (our sisters and mothers) struggle daily under the bite of economic hardship to make ends meet and keep their families together. We shall have regular programs that will train and empower them, with loans and/or grants that will support the initial take off of their preferred endeavors. We shall also tackle the menace of prostitution and sex trade, and establish an active Foundation that will take our women off the streets to give them a meaningful and respectable lifestyle.


“The failure to invest adequately, honestly and selflessly in our public transportation system is a scandal, shame and embarrassment.” – Mark Shields.

Effective transportation is the soul of a bustling and thriving city that never sleeps, like Lagos, and you cannot fully understand such a city without using its transportation system. We are therefore of the opinion that a developed city is not only a place where the poor have cars, but also where the rich can use public transportation.

As part of our plan on transportation, we will overhaul the existing BRT transportation plan for greater effectiveness, as well as operate a more affordable meter cab system in the mold of Uber, Taxify, etc, and also significantly pay attention to our rail, sea and air transportation. We will drastically reduce traffic congestion on our roads, which has become the unfortunate monstrous signature of our city, by legislating and enforcing a policy that restricts the movement of heavy trucks, trailers, tankers … and road construction projects strictly to nighttime when the roads are less busy. We will engage the services of a resourceful, committed and adequately remunerated  traffic workforce at different levels for different tasks of enforcing traffic laws, curb the menace and danger of street trading, etc.


   “Only when a child’s authenticity is threatened do they develop unhealthy behaviors, distorted reality perceptions, and emotional difficulties. When you force a child to do what they don’t want to do, feel what they don’t feel, and think what they don’t think, their authentic self becomes damaged.” – Darius Cikanavicius.

A bill will be passed that will make child abuse in any form a punishable crime. Primary education for ages 2 – 10 will be free and compulsory. Any parent or guardian whose ward is found out of school automatically becomes an enemy of State, and would be treated as such. So also, even with greater severity will child molesters, rapists and traffickers be made to face the wrath of the State.

New and enabling foster homes with competent staff for less privileged children that are orphans or homeless will be built across the major divisions of the State, while existing ones will be appraised for rejuvenation and facelift.


“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to combat, or more uncertain in it’s success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” – Nichollo Machiavelli.

To achieve all the above, I intend to surround myself with highly motivated, experienced and inspired young people of high integrity and repute with open minds to serve with the best of their ability.

It is my conviction that if all the various conduits through which our economy are hemorrhaging into private pockets are controlled and reversed, the State is blessed with more than enough resources to make life easier and better than it is for her citizens. We shall confront headlong the monster of corruption with open, honest and sincere vigor so that the commonwealth to liberate the common man from the shackles of poverty does not end up in the private vaults of a few selfish, self-centered and conscienceless individuals.

Vote for me and we shall together take Lagos State to it’s prideful place and greater heights yet uncharted. Together, let us secure a lasting legacy that will make coming generations proud. I promise to do my best and live for the truth and the people.

I T ‘ S  A L L  A B O U T  Y O U. 

Omolara Adesanya